Monday, September 29, 2008

Didn't work

ARGGH! Sabina! (This is the Spanish word for sheet -- get it :>))

I don't like this stuff. It's too hard!!!!! WHINNNING!!!!!!

I want to post a picture
I tried and the post went into drafts and I could not get it to post

I copied and pasted and made another posting here

This is pissing me off!

I'm going to try and post a picture here again. Well, my picture came through, but i don't want it on top i want it HERE (insert picture of socks here)
SABINA otra vez!
P.S. The balloon is from the Regatta de los globos which was held on my birthday 13 Septiembre 2008. These are paper balloons that teams of people make and compete to see whose ballon goes the furthest. This ballon was the biggest that day and was made by the team that our carpenter, Sergio, was working on! It made it off the ground and floated for a while before it tilted and burned up.

Missin' Texas

I have been trying to upload pictures onto my Ravelry page and it's soooo frustrating. I want to be a part of this new medium, but I was born in the wrong part of the last century. I wish I lived closer to my nephew Mike cause he could teach me in a NY minute how to do all the stuff.

It's an amazing day today, clear blue skies, calm winds from the Northeast, cool temps in the upper 60s lower 70s and I miss Texas! I can't fly back because the airfares have gotten ridiculous and then there's that whole economy thing going on right now.....Just feeling a little blue today in spite of living in paradise.

Finished my first pair of Monkey socks. They were fun to knit -- going to start working on socks for Spencer for Christmas and my friend Cassie. I'm going to attempt to upload a picture of the Monkey socks so ya'll can see 'em! Hasta luego!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just now I tried to get into my blog to post and had no idea how to get there, but you can see I did make it. I have so much to learn about living in the web...Trying to add pictures, yikes. They say the way to stay young to keep learning new things, I'm working on turning the clock back.
Roy se fue a Houston esta manana (I don't know how to do accents on letters or nn letter with the squiggly line in this blog) so please accept my apologies for the errors. If you do know, can you please fill me in on the secret.

Sitting in my chair looking out at the garden, watching Larry our house lizard run around the yard and walls, birds splashing in the fountain and all the dogs sleeping. Here's the fountain and some of the garden. Aren't they pretty?

Roy made it back to Houston fine. Next call will be once he gets to the house in Bellaire. Housekeeper came yesterday and hopefully cleaned out the frig cause I know it was gross! She definitely earned her salary yesterday.

Finished reading The Appeal by John Grisham. Very timely novel about dirty election campaigns and corporate greed.
well, enough for now...

Monday, September 22, 2008

today is the beginning

well here goes...I just turned 56 (must be like a mid-life thing) and I thought I'd start my own blog. Lauren and Marisa have one and I read them all the time. Love being able to keep up with what's happening in their lives, so I thought what the hell, why not! Seems to be the thing to do these days. I hope my family will read this and find out things about me that they might not already know, but if not, I think I'll find this process cathartic for myself.

September and October are the best months to live here. The weather is magnificent. Cool mornings and evenings and lots of sunshine. The Bonafont water delivery guy just stopped at the house so I could buy two full garafones de aqua para la casa.

I am truly tranquil here. I love these people. They are kind, gracious, polite, friendly y mas. I don't feel "right" when I'm not here and yet yo extrano mis amigos y familia en Los Estados Unidos tambien. Knitting helps keep me sane. I have lots of projects planned and not near enough time to knit.

I'm reading John Grisham's newest novel "The Appeal" right now -- in fact I should be reading because Book Group is tomorrow and I want to report on the book. And with that I will stop, finish my book, and knit some. Ande le pues!