Monday, July 4, 2011

Rain, Rain, Rain

Well, the rainy season is upon us in all it's glory. We've had Hurricane Beatriz come from the Pacific Coast and then Hurricane Arlene come from the Gulf Coast. It's been cloudy, cool, and wet for a week. A friend told me last night that Arlene apparently had enough steam to completely move across the country and has reformed and is coming back inland on the west coast. Amazing!

In between the first major storm in early June and the hurricanes we did have a normal period of sunny skies and rainy nights which is perfection.

I LOVE the cool temps and the green mountains but I miss the sun and I am affected by SADD. I look forward to the sun coming back out.

Also, finished reading Geraldine Brooks first book, "Nine Parts of Desire" about women in Islam countries. It was written in 1995 but is amazingly relavent today. Highly recommend it.