Sunday, December 21, 2008

Magda loves yarn too!

This is my Mom's knitting chair. We sit here together sometimes when she's knitting. I thought she'd enjoy my decorations!

Hi everyone, aren't I cute!!! I found some of my Mom's yarn while she was out of the house. I love yarn almost as much as she does. But when she got home, the look on her face wasn't what I expected. I thought she'd be so happy that we could love yarn together, but nooooooo -- she got mad at me. What's that all about?

Magda has never shown any interest in my yarn until recently. As I wrote earlier, Friday night she went completely crazy with yarn I had in my basket. I should have seen it coming after this episode with just a couple of yarns. My bad!

She has a really bad habit of knowing when she's doing something wrong. Then when you try to get whatever she has taken off with, she runs off and hides under the bed or runs around the yard. This is here listening to mommy ask for the yarn back! HA

But I love her :~))


Roy and I went to dinner on Friday night. When we got home, my lantern moon basket (the round one with handles) which was full to the top with sock yarns for my blanket (approx 20 different balls) was emptied and ALL the yarn was spread from the living room to our bedroom. Magda apparently was bored!

I was sick when I saw it. Lots of chewed up ball bands, lots of tangles, lots of mess. My stomach is hurting now just remembering it all. Until recently, she's never shown any interest in yarn before. So, I've kept all the yarn for this project in the basket next to my chair -- no problem, until now. It took me about 5-6 hours to straighten up one skein of Lamb's Pride sock yarn.

I was sitting on the floor in my bedroom trying to sort out the worst tangles and even resorted to, say it with me -- SCISSORS! Those of you who know me well know I abhor scissors around yarn, except for cutting yarn with a purpose. To cut into a mess of yarn and create more ends is a sin in my world. Today, being Sunday, I'm asking for forgiveness from the knitting gods and doing penance.

Magda is still with us, so far. Roy told me he was glad that he'd bought the "taxidermy at home" kit for Christmas cause we may need it now. LOL :~)) She can't grow up fast enough!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Lazy Weekend and ramdom thoughts

Okay, this is not a first -- I never got dressed all weekend long. I didn't get out of the bedroom on Saturday until 6:30 or 7:00pm except to feed myself, the dogs, and hummingbirds. Sunday I did leave the bedroom, however, and ventured as far as the living room to watch TV shows I had TiVo'd. That was around 10:00am.

I knitted, read, watched TV, and played games on (which by the way if you don't know about this website, and like to play lots of different free games, I highly recommend). I love weekends like this. No one was here but me and the doggies.

I would be happy if groceries would just appear in the kitchen. All the food doesn't have to come cooked, although frozen stuff you just heat and serve isn't bad. I love my alone, quiet time. I think I could live like a hermit, just my pets and me, for a long time. I think, though, that I'd require electricity for my satellite radio, a coffee pot, the refrigerator of course, and my phone so I could talk to people. Calls would be controlled, I think only outgoing at first -- to see how I liked that -- not sure how long I would want to be isolated and control the isolation, just a thought...

When I was a little girl and we had moved from the farm into "town", my bedroom was on the top level of our house -- if you know what a "Cape Cod" house is there are multiple levels of 1/2 floor plans so from the outside it looks like a 2 story house, but there are really 3. Anyway, I lived upstairs across the hall from my Meemaw (I loved her so much and she loved me too). We shared a 1/2 bath in the middle. My room was also the way you got into the attic, through my closet. When I was small I used to hang out in my closet -- could be because it was away from all the chaos in the house. I think I felt safer there. I had my dolls and my own world. I think that's where I went to "survive". Could be that my bedroom has always been the place that I felt safest. I could "hide" from the world "out there" and pretend I was in control. Just another thought...

I gravitate towards activities that I can do alone. Knitting, reading, watching TV, gardening, these activities don't require group participation -- although you can do most of them with other people. Sometimes I like doing some of them with other people especially knitting -- that seems to be an activity that calls out for community. What are you working on? Where did you get that pattern, yarn, needles, etc. I want to do that too, want to do a knit along together? I feel pretty safe in this community. Good people -- knitters and crocheters. My Aunt taught me to knit and crochet when I was young. I loved her too and she loved me. She was one of my anchors then. Meemaw, Aunt Gertrude, Joy -- they all helped keep me here, grounded.

Anyway, it's Monday now and I have to get out of bed soon (I'm writing this from my laptop) and shower cause Socorro will be here around 10:00 and I have my Spanish class at 11:30. So here I go, preparing to reenter the outside world.

WOW, that came up from nowhere. Thanks for listening.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fiesta de San Andres 2008

We made it through the Fiestas de Los Patronales this year. We (Roy, the dogs and me) spent a lot of time in the bedroom because we had pillows in the windows to muffle the sound of the cohetes, which is Spanish for sky rockets. Beau and Magda especially don't care for them. Rey seems not to be bothered as much. During the 9 days there are literally tens of 1000s of cohetes fired off starting at 6:00am until midnight. VIVA MEXICO! Can you say beach house?

For those of you who are not familiar with skyrockets, they are like M80s on a stick. If they go off close to the house it feels like a sonic boom. It hurts my ears just thinking about it now. When we lived in our rent house we were east and perpendicular to the plaza and church and the sound was muffled. Now we live directly above the plaza and church and sound apparently travels up -- go figure! I don't remember that fact being in the real estate brochure.

There's a party every night of the 9 nights in the plaza. Big bands, lots of cerveza, tequila, michiladas, food, people, etc. There's also a castillo, which is Spanish for castle, which is made of sparklers, firecrackers, and fireworks. It's quite a sight to see. They are made by hand and have several sections. They are lit from the bottom and each section spins and twirls and lights the next higher section until it reaches the top. Some are quite elaborate depending on the patrons of that night and how much money they have raised.

If you like to eat, drink and party -- this is another great time to visit.