Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I wanted some more yard

I wanted to remove the slate patio for more yard and a place for another tree. We had workers here repairing the leak in the roof of the covered patio so while they were already going to be here for that job we included a "re-working" of the large area surrounding the fountain that was slate. It was very "hard" looking and hot when the sun was beating on it, which most days here in Ajijic it is sunny.

Most work in Mexico is done by hand. A man and his pick axe hacking away at the slate. The picture above shows the beginning of the project.

This next picture shows what was revealed when the worker got under the slate. What we found was an entire other patio under the slate and concrete...a very common occurence here. You don't like your floor, we'll just lay a new one on top of the old one -- no one will ever know! The patio below the slate was laidout in a parquet design so obviously it was planned and designed that way.

Apparently the previous, previous owners had gone to a great deal of work to have this brick patio installed. However, the previous owners, from whom we bought the house, decided they wanted slate. It is handsome and elegant looking, but it doesn't wear well in the elements.

This picture shows how thick the concrete layer was they poured over the brick and then the cement layer for the slate to attached to...OMG how deep does this go down? I am going to guess about 6" deep. I was off a bit -- I just went out and measured and it's at least 5" thick. That's a lot of hacking and pounding.

This morning, I went out to take pictures and this is what was left of the "patio" before the guys came back to keep hacking and pounding and digging away. Magda had to come out and make her inspection prior to today's work beginning.

Well, as you can see in this picture, the one guy in the foreground seems to be leaning on, what's that, a machine of some kind. The Maestro decided to rent a jack hammer for the day so the work would go faster for the two fellows working here. Thank you Miguel! It's an electric jack hammer so not quite as loud as a pneumatic one -- thank goodness. The pounding will be done by this evening as well as the digging!

Magda is super angry she can't go outside and flirt with the trabadores. She's been whining for 2 days now. It's a really good thing Roy's working in Houston because between Magda's pathetic crying and scratching at the door and the pounding and noise -- he wouldn't be a happy man right now.

The next part is the fill dirt and some new flagstone steps to and from the house to the garage and grass! It will be much cooler and softer looking too. AND I have more areas to grow flowers, etc. I am hoping we put in a plumeria tree (that's the blossom the Hawaiian's use to make leis) and maybe even a little lime tree for fresh limonadas y margaritas!

I'll post the after pictures once the yard is in so you can see how much nicer it is and will become!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Facebook & Farm Town

Well, I've developed a new addiction friends, Facebook and Farm Town. OMG -- I can stay on Facebook all day and into the night. It is a wonderful way to keep up with the goings on in friends' and families' lives. AND, since joining Facebook I have found out about a game called "Farm Town".

It is an amazing waste of time and I can't stop thinking about my farm! When I first went on and started my farm I didn't get it -- what's the purpose of this silliness? You get 570 coins when you start and you buy and plow some fields and plant a couple of crops, have no more money left, and THEN WHAT? What's the fun in this silly game. I don't get the point of it. Roy googled strategies and chat forums about Farm Town for me so we could figure out HOW to play and how to advance.

A couple of my friends invited me to be their neighbors at Farm Town. They started explaining what you do to "grow" your farm. I started working on their farms making more coins by harvesting and plowing for them. I went from level 1 to level 24 in about 2 weeks -- that's obsessive behavior! I have withdrawal when I can't get into my farm, when the server for Farm Town bumps me out, or when my computer internet is slow or down all together. I plan my crops around when my friends and I will be available to harvest for each other.

I wake up in the morning and immediately log onto Farm Town to see what's going on and what is ready to harvest. If none of my "neighbors" are home, I go to the marketplace and wait to be hired to work on some stranger's farm so I can get more coins and more points to get more stuff to plant and decorate my farm. It's crazy and I love it! It's one of the only addictions I've had that's not shortening my life or costing me money -- at least as far as I know!

If you want to be my Farm Town neighbor, let me know. With more neighbors I get to do buy more stuff like streams, lakes, big houses, and expensive crops that make more coins!!!!!!! See what I mean -- I've lost my mind.