Sunday, June 10, 2012

Waiting on the Rain

Where I live now, in western Mexico, there is a definite rainy season. It typically begins in early-mid June and lasts until the end of September and sometimes into early October. I came here from Houston, Texas near the Gulf of Mexico, so the idea of a season when it rains was a bit confusing to me 7-8 years ago when I first came to Ajijic for a visit. When I moved to Houston in 1999 from Dallas, where I had lived for the previous 25 years, I thought my toes and fingers were going to grow webs because it never STOPPED raining. It either was raining or the humidity was so high you could see the air!

Well, today is June 10, 2012 and I am waiting on the rain like an expectant daddy waited patiently for the nurse to come our of the double swinging doors in the maternity ward to announce whether it was a boy or a girl (circa 1950s). Lots of anticipation, impatience, and frustration at not being able to do much to help facilitate the deed.

For the past week or so Mother Nature has been teasing us here with clouds, thunder, cool winds, and no, no real rain. See the other part of this story is that here in Ajijic the locals say the "season" hasn't really started until it's raining so hard that the streets flood and water is rushing down to the lake. So even if we have a "llittle" bit of rain, enough to make your windshield a mess, that doesn't count.

So, I am waiting. Just this evening, the clouds have come, which drops the temperatures at least 10 degrees (thanks to God something the Mexicans say in Engligh -- translation gracias a Dios), the wind picked up, and it looks promising, but Mother Nature wants to make sure we're really ready and grateful for it when it does arrive. She can be so heartless sometimes, and obviously not menapausal or chubby!

Mother Nature, I am soooo grateful for the rain, to make the dust go away, and the mountain turn a beautiful lush green, and everything to grow like a house-of-fire, and the house to cool off so I can sleep through the night without a cool wet washcloth to ease my discomfort, and for the lake to fill up again.

So, tonight I sit with my washcloth at the ready, every fan in the house blowing away, the windows open, and a cold glass of water at my side, offering up my prayers. I would do a rain dance, but I'd get too over heated and sweaty and it would take me hours to cool off enough to get ready to go to sleep.

High today: 96
Temp in the house: 82
Relative humidity mid-day~15%
and did I mention   N O   A I R   C O N D I T I O N I N G!!