Sunday, March 29, 2009


It's been way, way too long since I've posted. Lauren, Joseph and Forrest have been here and are back in Texas and Roy and I just got back from Patzcuaro, Michoacan where we went for our 10th wedding anniversary. We said when we got back from our honeymoon in Maui that we'd go back to Hawaii for our 10th, but it snuck up on us and we've been waiting for Roy to retire so we could start traveling aroung our new country.

I promise there will be pictures coming, but for now let me just say that we had a wonderful trip, and loved the state of Michoacan. It's about 2000 feet higher than Lake Chapala and it's got many more trees than here -- I said many times while we were in the car that I felt like I was driving in the mountains of Colorado or northern California. Eucalyptus trees, pine trees, lots of evergreen trees so it's much greener there now than here even though the rainy season hasn't started yet. AND the temps are much lower there too. Great for me being the hottie that I am. I even turned on the electric blanket one night!

Back home now and it's definitely warmer here. This morning when we left Patzcuaro at 10:30am it was 61 and when we got home at 5:00pm it was 84. Remember we don't have AC. But Roy says it's a dry heat so it's not so bad!