Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I am in a once a week book group. We have a library of over 1200 books. We buy one copy of the books we want so no one is reading the same book in the same week, but most of the books are read and discussed by everyone. There are about 14 active members.

Then comes the advent of ebooks and ebook readers. I have a Kindle Touch. I love it and enjoy reading on it because I like to read in bed on my side and with my Kindle I don't have to flip from side to side while reading the left and right pages of a book. I also like it because if I'm reading a large book I don't have to hold it or balance it on anything while reading.

Many people in our book group now have ereaders and download books. I learned about a wonderful website to manage ebooks called Calibre. It's a free downloadable program where you can manage your e library. Just today I finally learned how to load a book into Calibre and then transfer it to my Kindle.

This is big news because Roy is always doing all the techie/geeky stuff in our house and I don't learn how. He's out of town and I wanted to get a book from an email where someone had sent me a copy of the book. I figured out how to transfer it from my email inbox to my computer (Calibre program) and then onto my Kindle.

Woo Hoo! I'm feeling pretty proud tonight.