Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm it -- Marisa tagged me

Apparently I have been tagged and have been trying to come up with 7 things that you don't know about me...some of them may leave you scratching your head thinking, "what was she thinking?"

1. I was the Secretary for the Dallas County Young Republicans in 1982-83.

2. My mom, brother Mike and I took the train from Baltimore to Lubbock, Texas to visit my brother Don when I was 5 years old. It was a ball running between the cars, eating and sleeping on the train and sitting in the observation car with the bubble top. It was the summer of 1957. DDT was not outlawed then and at night the trucks would drive through the neighborhoods spraying for mosquitoes. With the windows open and the attic fans going the fumes would be pulled into the house and gag us! Twitch, did someone say something about a twitch!

3. I was robbed at gun point when I lived in NYC while entering my 5th floor walk-up apt. That guy was really desperate to get my stuff cause he had to walk up 5 flights of stars to get it. He pointed a gun in my face (it was a revolver and I could see all the bullets in their chambers) and told me to go to my apt. He pulled the phone cord out of the wall, tied me up with it and made me sit in my bathtub while he loaded up my 2 suitcases with stereo, money, jewelry, etc. He told me not to move for 15 minuets and I believed him. Muy tonta!

4. My mom, brother Mike, and I were caught in a blizzard in Maryland driving home from school one day. I was 4-5 years old (kindergarten). It was a white out and Mom had to drive with her head out the driver's side window and Mike was hanging out the other window guiding her so she didn't drive off the highway. We had to abandon the car at the entrance to our neighborhood (cause the roads hadn't been plowed there yet) and walk about a mile to our house. I left my gloves in the car and probably had a mild case of frost bite by the time we got back home. My mom had to run water over my hands to unfreeze them. OMG, that process has left scares in my memories! Again muy tonta!

5. When I was a younger, single woman I went to a KVIL radio happy hour party at a new club "Elan" in Dallas. Leeza Gibbons was a local TV personality in Dallas at the time and was interviewing people in line (that's so you'll know how long ago this was). I met a guy that night. He asked me out for a date. We went to a party at a Cowboy's house. Well, how can I say this was a swap party and people were watching porn on the TVs, walking out completely naked, and swapping partners. You'll be happy to know I never took off anything, didn't touch anyone, didn't swap anything, and after a couple of beers, asked him to take me home!!!
Another muy tonta moment.

P.S. Not all blind dates are good and not all are bad. My first date with Roy was a blind date, however, we didn't meet at a bar but were introduced through a mutual friend.

6. I waited on Joe Nameth, Barbara Walters, and Robert Wagner while working at Bonwit Teller as a Christmas Elf in 1973. I followed Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman down Park Ave one spring day for a couple of blocks. I ran into John Lennon and Yoko Ono (I smiled and he smiled back) coming out of my dentist's building. Roy and I walked past Prince Phillip in London when he was getting out of his limo in Leichester Square going to the theater.

7. I had to be tutored in geometry in the 10th grade so that I could graduate. I totally didn't get it (the final grade was a D)! Now that I'm a knitter I understand and appreciate math so much more. I also wish I had learned more then. Roy is a math major -- really, really smart like my brother Mike and my nephew Mike. Roy's helped me appreciate math more now that I have to use it. Knitting is all about the math!

Well there you have it -- 7 things you may or may not have known about me. Some of them pretty stupid things too!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas is coming

I can hardly believe another year has almost passed. I'm starting to panic about Christmas presents. Every year I plan to make more and more things for gifts, but I have a problem making and giving knitted things for people who look at them and respond with "oh, thanks"! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! SERIOUSLY? It's only happened a few times. I'm a quick learner here.

I am making socks for my 81 year old day this year. He asked me for a pair. I'm also making socks for a friend's mom who is a needle worker herself so she'll be happy and appreciative about getting handmade socks. I have been working on an afghan for my housekeeper -- it's about 15% done -- YIKES. I'm running out of time.

I guess the thing that's hard for me about giving hand knitted things is when people who don't make things with their hand don't get it -- how much time and effort goes into making anything by hand. If this means I have expectations and should be able to give something with no strings attached, then I'm just not there. I can buy something and/or give you a gift card or money and do that without expectations -- but when it comes from my heart and hands it's a bit harder for me to be detached.

Then it seems, there are people who don't want something that's hand made -- no matter who made it or what it is. I understand this to some degree, but there's nothing more special then to receive something that with every stitch and turn of the needles love and good thoughts are placed into the fabric created. And those thoughts and well wishes are just for you alone!

WOW that was cathartic! Gotta run -- need to keep knitting.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hope Won

I'm so excited that Barack Obama was elected to be the 44th president of the United States of America. I am proud that our country was able to see beyond color and gender and, in my opinon pick the right person for this time in our world. There are probably people in my family who may disagree with me, but that's what's so great about this country -- we're allowed to disagree and engage in healthy debate.

He needs and deserves our prayers as he goes forward to tackle the some of the toughest issues facing us and the world. I believe he is up to the task.