Friday, July 30, 2010

It's been a while - Ramblings

We are going to be grandparents again soon with a second grandson, Cameron. He will be coming any day now. Roy left yesterday to go to Houston to be on baby watch and to take care of Forrest when Cameron does come -- wanna have some normalcy for Forrest in the midst of the impending chaos.

As much as I love to see Roy walk into the airport and fly away (love, love, love having the house all to myself sometimes) I also really miss him not being here. I'm invited to another Baron family fiesta tomorrow afternoon, and I will miss Roy not being there with me. I can speak some Spanish and understand a bit more, but it's hard to go by myself. I feel like a bump on a log. But I know he would say to go, so I will do what is best for me and include myself in their party. Mama Chuy's sister from Santa Ana, CA is coming for a visit -- and they always invite us to join them. Such a wonderful family!

Spent the morning untangling yarn that Magda got into and winding it into balls. There were 3 skeins of yarn so it was a bit easier then I thought it would be because the skeins were still tied in several places so the mess was not so bad. Good thing I love this dog so much cause this is one of her favorite pass times -- messing with Mommy's yarn.

I've been reading a bit more this summer too. Finished "A Reliable Wife" and "Litte Bee" -- both great books, well written, character driven with lots of personal turmoil and conflict. Now I'm reading Ann Pachett's "Run" which I need to have finished by next Wed for another book group.

So far since the rainy season began on June 13th we've been having A LOT of rain. Today actually is a very pretty blue skies trimmed with cirrus cumulus clouds around the edges day. Enjoying my hummingbirds and other birds at the fountain and lots of beautiful flowers in the garden.

Beau is really not doing very well -- hasn't been for about a year now. Roy is struggling with saying goodbye to him and I have such sadness when I look into his eyes. I am watching our sweet, proud lab slowly dwindle away and it breaks my heart. About every other meal he proceeds to vomit up directly after eating (and Magda proceeds to clean up (yuck)) and he's not able to stand up and poop because his hips and legs are too weak to support him long enough in a stooped position for enough time to finish so we have lots and lots of accidents in the house now. He kind of walks and poops these days.

Roy's going to be up in Houston for probably 2 weeks and I'm thinking I may have Memo come by the house and check on Beau and get his opinion about letting him go. If it were my decision alone, I would have done it a while ago, but he was Roy's dog before I came along so I don't feel I can make that decision on my own. Maybe it will be easier for Roy, for me to do it, while he's se!

more later once Cameron arrives...